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Doors Open at 6

Steve Gaudio of District Equities

Opening a restaurant is like studying for final exams. You have way too much to do, not nearly enough time, and few to no options to push back the deadline. In a café’s case, that to-do list includes finishing the buildout, training employees, and ensuring you have all the necessary inventory for opening day. Now imagine taking that impressive checklist and multiplying it times two. That’s the situation the owners of Compass Coffee found themselves in as they prepared to open two new locations on the same day in December 2017.

About a week before opening day, Harrison and Michael of Compass Coffee realized that in order to achieve this goal of opening two cafés at the same time, they needed all hands on deck. This included not only their awesome staff but also us at District Equities.

Naturally, we were happy to help because our clients’ success is our success. It is this kind of involvement, commitment and follow-through that differentiates us in the way we represent our clients. As Steve, owner of District Equities explained “...manual labor isn’t my most valuable contribution, but if they need me, I’m there."

For the next seven days, we worked with the Compass Coffee team around the clock to get everything ready for opening day. From encouraging check-ins to painting walls deep into the night, we supported Michael and Harrison as best we could, because we knew that if anyone could pull off this extraordinary feat, it’s them.

Finally, before anyone had a chance to reflect on the exceptional efforts from the previous week, it was time to open. And while they say you should never cram for an exam, we’re happy to report that Compass Coffee passed with flying colors.