District Equities focuses on exceptional retail by partnering with innovative entrepreneurs and impressive real estate projects.
We are their fierce ally as we help clients build successful businesses
and set development projects apart from their competition.

Landlord Representation

District Equities offers distinctive brokerage through a holistic approach involving; creative merchandising, financial modeling, design consulting. We have the unique ability to weave a narrative in order to attract best-in-class tenants adding overall value to mixed-use projects as well as any retail market opportunity.

Tenant Representation

District Equities provides businesses with the framework and support to navigate the real estate processes involving their expansion needs. We help craft strategies that take advantage
of a great retailer’s value in today’s market of creating exceptional neighborhoods.


District Equities was established in 2015 when founder Steve Gaudio saw an opportunity
to approach real estate differently. Dissatisfied with the cookie cutter routine of many firms churning out lifeless strip malls, Steve set out to apply his vision to representing growing businesses and creating unique developments through retail.

Before founding District Equities, Steve established his career at real estate giant
JBG Smith, where he earned the reputation as an innovator with the ability to bring unconventional ideas to fruition. There, he worked with a team of specialists and brokered notable projects like The Louis Apartments on 14th Street, The Shay Apartments, and Atlantic Plumbing, quickly advancing to become the company's youngest vice president at the time.

Steve proved his ability to strike the often elusive balance between creative — sometimes nontraditional — solutions and results-driven practicality. When faced with a challenge of rebranding one emerging neighborhood, he devised an unconventional outreach strategy that included an aggressive social media campaign and print publication featuring local businesses, events, and trends. As a result, the North End Shaw micro-neighborhood was born. It would later be lauded by Travel and Leisure as D.C.’s hippest neighborhood and
go-to destination for dining, drinking, shopping and, once again, the arts."

Under Steve's leadership, the multi-year North End Shaw project attracted first-to-market brands including Warby Parker and Aesop, as well as acclaimed restaurants Hazel and Kyirisan. JBG also introduced the “living room” urban theater concept with Landmark Theaters in North End Shaw. Steve rounded out the reinvigorated neighborhood with the addition of local favorite, Compass Coffee.

Armed with experience and a demonstrated talent for spotting winning concepts, Steve founded District Equities to defy industry norms and prove that mixed-use projects, when managed strategically, can transform a city. Today, District Equities provides full-spectrum services for a unique profile of clients and projects, selected for their potential to bring new and exceptional retail to the greater D.C. area.

Steve is passionate about helping the most exciting, daring, and promising businesses
find success in D.C. and beyond. When he's not brokering or consulting, Steve may be snowboarding, playing bass in the band
NAMES, or generally causing trouble with his
dog, Asher.


Brigitte Anders-Kraus joined District Equities in 2017 and brings a sense of creativity, calculated efficiency, and effortless organization to the day-to-day operations.
She manages the company’s marketing and brand development, and helps with all outward communication. She shares her insights and experience – whether it is hospitality-related in areas of staffing, team management and training, or marketing and design-specific and applies to business development, communication and growth. District Equities has a unique, client-focused approach to consulting and brokerage that is not only more hands-on but also holistic, an approach that has been strengthened by Brigitte’s diverse background in hospitality and the arts.

Brigitte has a degree in graphic design from American University and owned a full service graphic design firm which specialized in brand development and political campaigns including projects for The Glover Park Group, DIAGEO, Bloomberg for Mayor – before venturing into hospitality. As restaurant manager, Brigitte led the front of the house teams at Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, José Andrés’ Oyamel, and Restaurant Nora.

Brigitte is passionate about hospitality in its truest form and believes it should be applied in all aspects of life. When she’s not managing or creating, she may be studying yoga, on a walk-about with Asher or going to the third ANTHEM show this week.

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Our exceptional clients…

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Andy’s pizza gets va liquor license approved

Andy’s Pizza is the first one to receive his liquor license in Tysons Corner at
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